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Jua’s Focus

Naturally Jua is an all natural product brand that centers around creating skin, body & hair care that is essentially safe for all ages, healthy kinky hair & body care that promotes wellness

What we provide


All products are created in small batches to assure that each product maintain top quality

Jua’s products are:

Naturally created from Nature

All products used can be found and/or extracted from nature so you can feel confident & safe that you are doing right by the largest organ on your body which is your skin.


Herbalism Consultations

If you are thinking about addressing your healthcare from a more holistic approach, we will be offering 1:1 consultations soon!

Our Best Seller

Jua is best know for producing double Whipped Body Butter that is fluffy, super creamy & moisturizing that will last you throughout the day without leaving your skin feeling greasy. What sets our butter aside from the others is that the carrier oils have been infused with skin loving herbs before being whipped.

Love & Light

Jua~ The Sun

Jua means the Sun translated in Swahili. As we honor the sun we want you to celebrate the light that beams on you as well as the light in you!

I am a person who genuinely loves & cares about not only people but all living things. I now have the opportunity to do what makes my heart smile & that is to make products that are safe & healthy for my community. Products that they can trust.

Sonya Hannah-Frazier

The beauty is in being different!

Naturally Jua is a brand that focuses on not only all natural products that promote optimal health but a brand that wants people to be completely comfortable in their own skin.

Be free by being you!

Self love is absolutely the most rewarding & greatest love!

Confidence begins from within

Self-care is a part of self-love

Life is a journey

Live in a state of gratitude. Celebrate the wins & the lessons!

Just flow

Treat life like a river and just go with the flow!